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This week after returning from the desert I have had my mind completely on packing and prepping for Europe. We will be spending most of our time in Paris while we work, but will also be touring, and seeing the sights. I am thinking about what the weather will be like, the fact I need comfy walk all day/stylish shoes, and that I will need layers to keep me warm on those rainy Fall Paris days.

I am also very seriously considering a backpack for our travels. I think it would be the best for our day trips and full days of working while we shoot, so of course I am in love with that one from Madewell.

Any of you who have been to Europe, do you have recommendations? How do you plan what you pack for over a month and a half of travel?

1. Textured Leather Notebook from Net-A-Porter   2. Multi Strand Bracelet by Tinley Road  3. Navy Asymmetrical Coat from SheInside  4. Army green snood from Top Shop  5. Leopard booties from NineWest   6. Herschel Backpack from Madewell

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7 Responses

  1. Oh boy I want that backpack! I can see you carting around some french baguettes and vino throughout those Parisian streets! Have an AMAZING time! And try to live like the locals. They know how to do it right 🙂

  2. The last time I went to Europe was when I was 7. My family and I went to Germany and Austria. Even though that was over 10 years ago, I still remember some parts of that trip vividly. I’d love to go again sometime.

  3. i am so excited to hear more stories of your travels! My husband and I want to go to Europe next year (it will be a first for both of us) so I will be keeping track of your adventures as we plan ours!

  4. The advice given to me when I went to work in Florence for the summer is the following. (I wish I had followed it more closely!)
    1. Only bring things you know you will wear more than three times. At least.
    2. Only bring shoes in which you would willingly walk two miles. The last thing you want to be thinking about is sore feet when you have beautiful sights to take in!
    3. The classic guideline of bringing dark, neutral clothes. Add the accessories to make your outfits sparkle in the streets of Paris!

    1. This is so super helpful! Thank you!!! I have been thinking about shoes more than anything especially with it being rainy too. I think I need something as water proof as possible.

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