Megan Styled #4

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Today I am in New York at Alt Summit but I did not want that to stop me from giving you all the 4th installment in the Megan Styled series.

Somehow Michael and Jonathan convinced me that it was a great idea to wear a sequin top at night with direct flash. This is not necessarily a normal Megan type of outfit, but I thought what the heck. Well after seeing the final product I felt this was an awesome side of me I hadn’t even before. So this is a little different then the other posts, but I feel you all will appreciate the change. So I am really excited to share with you all.

This space is right behind our house and it is an elementary school but is pretty awesome as it is super modern with corrugated steel and brick. So me and a place I really love. One day I hope I have kids who can learn here as it is so fresh and modern.

Going out doesn’t happen super often as Northern Michigan is not the best place for late night adventures. But when I do I like to think I do it right. I am not a heavy partier or anything but I like to dance and have a few beers. I won’t lie, so when shooting this I was thinking about myself being downtown and captured by a friend on a Friday night though it was Tuesday.

What do you all wear going out at night? Does your style change in any way? Are you a glitter type girl?

Thank you again to my awesome friends for dreaming this up and making it all happen and pushing me to think outside of the box. So fun when you can collaborate and see a different side of your own style.


Stylist: Jonathan Grant
Photographer: Michael Newsted
Art Director: Megan Gilger 

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