Design is a powerful tool. Any great business person would be able to know the importance of great designers that not just think like artists but think with the consumer in mind. We under estimate it everyday but I know that during the Super Bowl this year there were a lot of funny commercials. We cannot forget the Home Away commercial with the baby slamming against the window or the Snickers commercial or even my personal favorite the Budweiser one. No one can complain about a good Almost Famous scene. 

But I know the whole room got quiet during the two minute spot from Chrysler on the Motor City. Now I realize I live in Michigan and so everyone there was in awe to see our home on the big screen in such a dramatic way but there is a deep sadness that has developed across our state for what Detroit used to be. There is always talks about the good old days and how vibrant the town used to be with life. Now as I actually sitting here (in Detroit) in the dead of winter I know those were the good times, but when I saw the spot my heart was warmed with a renewed idea of a once great city of creators, developers, dreamers, and the American spirit of being an entrepreneur. 

In Michigan we are proud of what we have and I believe we may be one of the proudest of the states other than Texas. We love our land and the Great Lakes and I have to say I cannot imagine life without them. I know I don’t write very often about things this close to my heart but when I saw that commercial and the emotion it drove I was shocked at the power great creative work can do. Then when I saw the work of Amanda Jane Jones on Design Work Life I was in proud once again because Michigan has become very centered on growing within itself through supporting local farms and businesses. I love it and wish more of America would catch on to this idea. But for now I will let you guys fall in love with Amanda’s work as I have. 

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