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Oh this is a happy happy day. I have been waiting so long to share what our good friends, Matt and Hillary have been working on. You remember the Simple Evening this Summer and those tables? Yeah…who could have forgotten. Well, the hands that crafted those tables are the hands behind Milled Home Goods.

Matt is a 4th generation carpenter in northern Michigan and hand makes all his items from reclaimed wood he has left over after his work doing home renovations with his father. He and Hillary dreamed up the idea of creating items that they themselves would have in their home, thus creating Milled. Together they work to design and develop the products.

The pieces are extremely customizable with color options and wood stains to match your decor. Also they are at a very reasonable price as well.

Mike and I have been crazy about these pieces for as long as we have been friends with them so I am so glad to finally share their talents with you. Go ahead and check the store out, follow the blog, and don’t miss all of Matt’s pinning cause he has pretty great taste.

Check out the Other Goods section for some stocking stuffers and gifts. They are totally perfect for almost anyone on your list.

Happy Thursday you all!


PS. Finally back in northern Michigan…feels really good to be settled for a little bit. 


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12 Responses

  1. Thank you, Megan. Matt and I are thrilled about the launch of Milled Co.–it’s an amazing feeling to have friends who are just as exited–thank you for your enthusiasm and support. We are fortunate to have such talented and inspiring friends–you and Mike are incredible! So happy to have you back home.

  2. I absolutely love these items. Oh, I wish they were available here in my part of the world! Love the clean lines combined with functionality and simple class. Great stuff.

  3. i am so in awe of anyone who can make beautiful things out of wood. it’s one of those things i’ve always wished i could be good at, but know that it will never happen. ha!

    you sure are lucky to be surrounded by a boatload of very talented friends 🙂

    1. I feel very lucky. I think surrounding yourself with people more talented than yourself and those you admire is a very important piece to success as a creative. No one does anything on their own right? It takes a community to grow.

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words Megan! This group of products has been a long time coming, and Hillary and I both feel really good about them. You and Mike have both been a big inspiration to us, whether it is running your own business, or bravely moving forward with new ideas. It’s nice to have people around you who really care about the work that they are doing. I look forward to many future collaborations.

    1. Let’s cheers to it all tonight. We miss you guys and so glad we are back home and can be with you all. We have been having withdrawls. We feel very lucky to have you all as friends. It is not common you meet people in life that encourage and love like you all do. We are richer because of our friendship with you all.

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