Modern Farmhouse

When I think of a green home I think of a sleek modern home with little furnishings and plenty of hard surfaces. I love these homes and wish it was something I could live in but being in a colder place you want comfort and places to snuggle into but at the same time I love how modern homes allow the outside in and they almost are feel as if they are one in the same. So a few weeks back when I saw the first Passive Home that was approved in Sonoma, California. Not only is it Passive but it is not your normal one at that, with warm furnishings and wonderful outdoor spaces that feel like something more out of This Old House than Dwell it fits my bill perfectly. 

More or less this is my dream home everything from the colors to the awesome raised beds for gardening. I could not have designed a home more perfect. The thing that blows me away is that the heating system uses less energy than a hair dryer…yeah TOTALLY crazy. Anyways, you can check out more information at the Apartment Therapy article but I had to post the images from the article. So super cool!

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