Modern Man – Part 3

There is nothing I love more than a quiet afternoon spent laying around, napping in the sun, and forgetting about the craziness of life. These days in Northern Michigan the evenings have been bringing in the cooler weather and so walking the line between Summer and Fall has begun. My boots are sneaking their way back in to the wardrobe and Mike’s are beginning to appear by the door as well. This is the time of year we look forward to our hikes are less sweaty and it is easier to Fall asleep on a blanket together reading a favorite book. The colors are beginning to show up in the trees and the water is reaching a deeper blue.

Today is the last part in the Modern Man series collaboration with Kelly Moore Bags. I am really sad to say that as I have loved this series so much. Working with Mike in these shoots was way more fun than just it being me so it may just happen that more of these posts will surface in the future.

Though this one is the last in the series I don’t feel it is the least. I really loved this outfit and it Mike was crazy over the coat and mixing it with the leather of the bag. It came together perfectly thanks to Jonathan Grant.

When Mike and I go out for a hike/picnic there are certain items he seems to always love along for the ride. We have always been a big fan of Wendell Berry so it is natural for us to carry his books along for sitting on a blanket. Reading his poetry while in nature is exactly how it should be. I suggest picking up one of his collections if you love Thoreau or Emerson at all. So very good.

This plaid blanket of our’s goes everywhere. It is vintage from London, but it has worn like iron over the years and find it always makes its way on every trip we take. It is sort of perfect especially as Fall is creeping in ever so slightly these days.

Living in Northern Michigan Mike and I are always hunting for a new spot for an afternoon alone. There are hundreds of old farms owned by historical groups and the National Parks Association. We always dream of what it would be to have that space, the stories the walls could tell, and the people who may have lived there. These conversations are always so nostalgic and romantic feeling.

Bales of hay, the setting sun, boots, and windy days are all the beginnings of Summer’s end, but the end only means a new beginning. These days between long sunny days and the short bitter cold ones are precious and meant to be enjoyed slowly and quietly. It is the time to remember the joy of Summer and the freedom we had, but to dream up what we will accomplish and do in the next season.

Catch more photos on Facebook later today.

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Thank you to the wonderful and talented people who made this series possible! You all made this so perfect!


Photographer: Weber Photography
Stylist: Jonathan Grant
Art Director: Megan Gilger
Assistant Stylist: Margaret Barley


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