Monday Inspiration #11

I thought today for my monday inspiration I would post my design heros. Over the years as a designer I have discovered certain designers that truly inspire me and challenge me to push myself even though I may not know them necessarily. Their work is unbelievably inspiring to me and I felt all of you would want to know who I am smitten by in the design world. Most of them I love their work but I love most is how true they are to who they are as designers and artists. They do things their way and do not apologize and never will you see something unoriginal come from them. That is a mark of a true artist.

#1 Anna Bond of Rifle Design Co. 
Most of you have seen me post her work on the blog, but if you follow any blogs or are into weddings you know who this talented woman is. Her work is incredibly original and the perfect gift for anyone out there. No one can dislike her playful style and beautiful hand lettering. 

#2 Jessica Hische
Now if you have an hour and want to read something amazing read Jessica Hische’s about section on her website. It’s a mile long but it is incredible to hear how she has learned to capture her talent and refine it into what she loves to do all while at the same time making money doing it. She is overly inspiring to me. She is someone who knows what she wants and has figured out how to rock at doing it. Her creation of fonts in illustrator is amazing. 

#3 Chelsea Petaja
I know everyone knows of her photographer husband, Tec Petaja, but I love what Chelsea does and many of Tec’s wedding have some touch from Chelsea in it, which I think is precious. What I love most is the designing and hand lettering that Chelsea has gotten into doing more recently. Here is completely unique to her and that is something to respect. She also makes very cool head pieces all while being an art teacher. How cool right? I love her blog and seeing what she comes up with. 

#4 Seamless Paperie
The geniuses behind the beauty that is Design Work Life  began Seamless Paperie to do stationery and other design. I love the clean lines, combination of fonts, and bold color palettes that newlyweds Courtney and Brian put together. It is sweet, playful, but extremely classic. This is a style I see continuing over the next decade. This is of the best design in the industry of stationery I have seen in a while. 

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