Monday Inspiration #12

I am not sure how many of you have been watching Design Star on HGTV this season but I have fallen in love with Emily who is in the final two next week. She bases all her designs on how she dresses herself. I thought that was one of the coolest thoughts on design and how that truly takes someone who understands who they are well enough to identify their clothing style, which would then affect their home. I think it is brilliant and a true sign of a great designer when they can translate their inspirations and style on some many different mediums. 

Thinking about that last night I have recently been very interested and inspired by Jenna Lyons the Executive Creative Director of J.Crew. You may her know her best from Jenna’s Picks but she is someone who is driving our style right now in mainstream fashion. Her quirky style is what is dictating each and every decision of J.Crew which we all know we secretly want to purchase one of those gorgeous sequined tops and wear with with shorts and tights and a pair of their heals. Well at least I do. ha. Not only is her style inspiring but her personality as someone with such power in a man eat man business. She focuses on her family and makes them a priority all while making decisions that affect what is in your closet, whether you wear J.Crew or not. 

On top of it all she has worked from the bottom up in the company and though many times has been offered other positions with other designers she stays put. Now she has recently been named President and will be taking over in September. I cannot imagine the sense of accomplishment she must feel and it is all because she has stayed true her passions and her style as a creative woman. Totally inspiring!

So today I wanted to share with you the beauty that is Jenna Lyons. Also that last photo…her closet…not sure I would expect any less. 

Sorry the post came so late in the day…been busy working and almost forgot!

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