Monday Inspiration #13

I am in love with color if you have not noticed yet from the blog and my work. Color speaks without saying a word. It provokes emotion. It makes us feel warm or cold. Just like the chord on a guitar tells you the kind of song will be playing color tells you what is to come. I cannot explain the level of importance of color in life and I feel if I ever were to lose one of my senses I would hate to lose two; sight and smell. 

That being said today our inspiration is white. I know it’s the exact opposite of everything in me but while traveling one time I read one of the best design quotes I believe I have ever read came from Kevin Sharkey who works for Martha Stewart. He says ” Over the years, I’ve learned from Martha that if you stick with a single color or a very limited palette, you’ll have more flexibility with textures and weaves. She’ll pick one color for a room and explore it in every possibile iteration: linen, velvet, et cetera.”

It was not till then that I understood the idea behind white rooms and the lack of colors. I always had a thing about a room done in white almost the feeling of it being in a hospital, but I realize now after all this time of exploring spaces and seeing the level of fabric options and how paint can be used that some spaces are better done in a single color or limited palette (meaning that the palette stays close to one chromatic color so you would choose eggplants, violets, mauves, and lavendars if you wanted a limited purple palette. you would not randomly throw in a yellow unless you were strictly doing it consciously) 

So today I wanted to show some great limited palettes in rooms that explore and use textures as more of the definition of the space instead of the colors being the defining factor. It is a very interesting and challenging design style but if you really think about some of the great designs they rely on great texture combinations and patterns.  

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