Monday Inspiration #15

I am so pumped for this weekend because I am having my fist weekend off since my honeymoon! That means I can wake up and make pancakes in the morning or better yet French Toast!! Sounds perfectly wonderful!! I may even sleep in! Ha.

Well that has nothing to do with my inspiration for today but I had to share my excitement. I am a self-proclaimed workaholic which is easy when your work feels more like a hobby and you are overly passionate about it. Which is where our today’s inspiration comes into play. 

I am very inspired by entrepreneurs and one of the many I follow through blogs and twitter is Emersonmade. They not only create adorable fabric flowers and bags but they also have their own clothing line that I just can’t get enough of. They also have my dream farmhouse as well. So I thought I would share some of their amazing work on here today to brighten the day. Make sure to check out their website and blog here.


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