Monday Inspiration #21

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This weekend was busy with finishing work and trying to work through some changes in life right now, but it was totally beautiful and unexpectedly warm! It was crazy I mean we are only a week or so away from November and it is still in the 60’s what is going on?!? I keep walking out thinking it is more like 40-50 and want a jacket but I get outside and I am sweating. Crazy!

For our Monday Inspiration this week I was totally inspired by the new Jcrew catalog. If you haven’t gotten it yet you need to rush out and find one. I await my catalog every month and I am never say disappointed but this month I was blown away. If this is what happens when Jenna Lyons becomes President of Jcrew I am TOTALLY okay with it. But instead of talking the women’s section this month I had to share the Crew Cuts section which was small this month but I squealed when I saw it…just ask Mike. I loved the colors and gosh I wish I could have been cool enough to dress that awesome when I was a kid but growing up in the early 90’s called for a more classic and gap look than sequins and striped leggings with bright colored sweaters and fun shoes. So today I am sharing images from the Crew Cuts site and I just can’t get over the look. I am IN LOVE to say the least. Not with the clothes but the text and textures and every inch of it. So enjoy! 
I do have to say this has convinced me that little boys should have long hair and I just smile when I see the little boy with the headphones and the Risky Business dance going on. Totally brightened my day hehe. 

But stayed tuned cause we have an announcement coming up today!!


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