Monday Inspiration

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I hope all had a good weekend! I felt like it totally flew by to be honest with how busy things have been getting ready to get out of town. Crossing my fingers I will get the house cleaned before we leave. I hate coming home to a dirty space after traveling. 

This weekend I spent Saturday building a photobooth which I have photos of and plan to share after I send them off to the bride today. I am excited to share what I put together…it is nothing crazy but still fun and colorful so I yes please right?

Then on Sunday I got to go to Mae‘s bridal shower! it was so awesome to meet her friends and get to know her even better. I had a blast at the shower and got to eat some yummy food as well. 

Okay so to the post! I came across the work of Allison Colpoys on The Design Files, which is one of my favorite blogs to keep up on great design and ideas. Allison is a designer for Penguin books and doesn’t she do a killer job? I am really inspired by her work especially for a few projects I am finishing up before leaving. I am doing some local work and felt these applied well to the style I am trying to accomplish with the look. Personally am in aw of the work she did on Amazing Face. It is something about the colors, textures, type, and hand touch coming together in her style that makes my heart pitter patter. 

You can read more on her work on The Design Files interview and see more of her amazing books. 

Have a great Monday friends! I will be back later this afternoon!


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