Monday Inspiration

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Every Monday  I really need to be jolted back into reality. I always need that little pick me up to keep me centered and motivated for the week. So when I came across the work of designer Cristiana Couceiro I felt I had just had my cup of black coffee for the morning. 

Her clientele ranges from Nike to New York Times and her list of awards is impressive. When you read her biography about cutting magazines and making collages as a kid you can see the transition of her childhood hobby into her adult work. 

As a kid I was very similar and I think my mom would tell you how crazy she thought I was. My room was always covered in magazines. They were always cut to shreds and I had tape and glue dispensers in every corner. I wish I had held on to more of my “pieces of art” so I could share them with you guys and we could all have a good laugh. 


What I love about Cristiana’s work is the combination of the scientific, the nostalagic, and the modern. How she chooses the placement of lines, images, and text is brilliant. It is rare to see a designer effectively implement the use of the scientific, simply because many of our minds cannot cross that line easily. I have such respect for work that can do that. 

I hope you feel inspired by Cristiana and make sure to check out more of her work on her site

Happy Monday you all! Next is a fun post from this weekend! Get ready 🙂 

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