Monday Inspiration #7

Today I am off my normal designing pattern of working on stationary design and have been working on a few of my corporate clients, which can be a complete breathe of fresh air simply for the fact that it is just a change of pace. Not because I do not love doing wedding stationary but it is fun to mix up the kinds of projects and changes in your clientele from day to day. I love having such a variety of clients and projects it keeps things interesting for sure! 

That being said I am putting together identity packages and I thought since I was very inspired by the designs of Socio and Mash Creative both from the United Kingdom. 

What I love about this design is the illustration work but also in the Graphic Standards Manual for the project they did some very cool things that tie in what the project is about but also the guidelines that section of the manual is talking about. So check it out and make sure to check out the studios as well they have some amazing work on their sites. 

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