Monday Inspiration: Anna & Marina

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Sorry this is a day late but we were traveling all yesterday and getting back into the house. 
I have been in love with this branding for quiet some time so when I saw more than just the logomark I knew I just had to share the beautiful design as Monday Inspiration. Anna & Marina is a clothing company and I know nothing about it but I know I would buy it just for the design of the brand. Yes I am weird like that. 

I apologize for being MIA but blogging has just not been a priority with traveling and keeping up with work. We had computer trouble, which always makes me stressed. But now we are back in the office and back to work, which feels AWESOME! I am so ready for this year and the amount of organizing and building we are planning for us personally and for our business.It is going to be a lot of hard work but I know when we end the year we will look back and see one great year. 

Enjoy today and check out the designer and more on the branding of Anna & Marina at Behance.

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