Monday Inspiration: Color

Monday can always be a little rough, which is why I try to get into gear by starting with some inspiration to get me moving and grooving creatively. This morning has been a little rough. I feel like I have just been doing one thing after another and haven’t gotten the sleep my very particular body seems to want, I think this requires sleeping in tomorrow so I can feel a little more excited to take on the world than I felt this morning. 

But when I saw this adorable shoot that was featured on Green Wedding Shoes I felt I had been given extra jolt. Like two shots of espresso were just pumped into my vains I love the colors and how these images were shot. How crazy adorable is this? It is all centered on Super Mario Bros. but I still think any of it could be pulled out on it’s own to be used for an event, party, or wedding. 

Hope this gets you moving like it did me this morning. More to come later today!

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