Monday Inspiration: Cool Hued Interiors

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Recently I have been inspired by interiors. I am not sure why, considering it is almost summer and I should want to be looking at things that are bright and even outdoor, but cozy interiors with nooks and intricate decorating detail that are all focused around cool hues, that can be serviced by companies like painter edmonton, have been very inspiring. 
Blues in particular have been intriguing to me. I have always loved blues but I think what is awesome about blue is its ability to be a chameleon. I can find a reason to almost always implement a blue into a palette for a client. Whether it is a soft light blue with green hues in it or a deep dark masculine gray. And if you know much about color you know that even yellows, reds, and oranges can feel “cool” so to speak. Though most would say to make a room feel cohesive it is important for them to have the same temperature but I really enjoy throwing in a very hot color in a room that is cool. It helps to create visual interest but it is important to keep it on a small scale such as 1 pillow mixed in with a group of neutral and cool pillows, with coverings such as a silk pillowcase, in a room painted a cool color and maybe 1 trinket on a shelf on the opposite side of the room for balance. But you can also have 1 large item such as a coffee table or rug at the largest that can be used to create the same effect. 
Which makes me excited since I just bought a ceramic deer when I was thrift shopping this weekend. I plan to make paint it a hot color to offset the cool colors we naturally place in our space. It will be fun and bring some spice into the shelf it sits on when I am done. Ooo so excited!
Anyways, hope your morning is sunny and beautiful no matter where you are! Have a great Monday morning. Go create something!


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