Monday Inspiration: Feathers

images via:  Knitting  |  Head dress

In the last few weeks feathers have been so intriguing to me. I am not sure exactly what is so interesting specifically but I think it has to do with how they move and the power they have to help a bird fly and even seeing them all throughout the royal wedding. There is something about feathers let’s admit it. 

I know the first image is of knitting but when I saw it the first thing I thought about was feathers. I love the work of Sophie Allen on her Flickr. Her sketches are so beautiful and honest. 

As for the head dress, I have always dreamed of doing a shoot like this…maybe this summer it will have to happen. Oh and I am thinking of dying my hair that color before the end of May for the fun of it…thoughts?

Anyways, just to recap I was totally overwhelmed on Friday by the love from Pinterest I got on their blog and then all the new followers and everything. I honestly was a little taken back. I started The Fresh Exchange as an outlet to my design work as a place to have inspiration and ideas flowing all the time as I worked. It is beginning to be more and more of a passion and love where I enjoy inspiring others and sharing life with readers. 

All of it inspired me to go after the real redesign of the blog and the Hitch website. I am trying to figure out when as work keeps getting busier. I will find time and somehow do it but it is making me really excited and am itching to get started. 

Okay back to the pile of work at noon we are launching the new branding or Mary Lashbrook Photography and will do a post on it more later today. 

Happy Monday!

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