Monday Inspiration: Gig Posters

I have always been a big fan of poster design simply because it is like being given an 11×17 area as your complete canvas to start from scratch. I love and hate that empty canvas when creating and somehow want a crutch but find whenever I push through wanting that some of my best and most creative work comes out. 

Now I have never done a band poster or “Gig poster” so to speak but am completely in love with these two artists from Small Stakes and Concepcion Studios. I have and love my book full of Small Stake posters. It is a beautifully book full of gorgeous prints and just go through from time to time to feel inspired by the simple designs and depth to what has been created. 

As for Concepcion Studios I do not have much history with them but I have seen the work go across my reader multiple times and have loved the textured designs that comes from screen printing. Most of the posters look as if they have come from the 60’s or 70’s which I love. 

So I hope these are great inspiration for your Monday morning. Have a great day!!

Small Stakes:

Concepcion Studios:

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