Monday Inspiration: HGTV Dream Home

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So we are back in action on the blog!!!! I have totally missed blogging I will be honest. I see things everyday and I am like I need to blog that or I should write about this experience, but to tell you the truth it is key to success to take breaks and breathe every once and while so Hitch has been on a good break.

We are currently still in Texas and will be until the 10th. We are enjoying the time with Mike’s family and are actually heading to Austin tomorrow so we would love to know some musts of everyone in the Austin area. We will be there for 3 days. We are very excited to hang out for a few days up there before we head home. 

While being gone we have missed our puppy and missed our friends in Traverse but we have to say it’s always good to change and have something different in your life for a little while. Always good. 

As the New Year approached Mike and I began to come up with some goals for the next year. 

2010 was CRAZY to say the least. We started a business, planned a wedding, got married, moved into our own place, raised a puppy, started paying bills like adults, and learned more than I believe anyone ever could in a year. We had ups and downs but this last year was possibly one of the best for developing who Mike and I are becoming as individuals and as a couple and as business partners. We love what we do and we look forward to where it is all headed. 

So in 2011 we are changing things and plan on one placing our physical health first and foremost not for ourselves but for each other mostly. We get complacent with working so much that we forget to keep active in our workouts and pushing each other to be the best we can be. I am joining a soccer team and Mike has gotten into swimming so we are looking forward to having those fun activities outside of work. 

Secondly we want to begin be as financially smart as possible. Being business owners so quickly we are just now catching up on how to be the best at it in many ways and the most important is become smart about our finances both personally and with our business. We want to make the right decisions so we can be sure to meet our goals of owning a home and saving for the future. 

Lastly our other big goal is developing our work and business. We have many business goals right now but we are trying to narrow them down to create a plan that is able to be accomplished this year. our plans are wide and we feel over the next few months things will become narrower as we move through lots of ideas and possibilities. 

What are some of your resolutions and goals for this next year? 

Well now to what this post was really about. I think I can finally give the most perfect example of my dream home. Mike and I are people who will most likely build a home someday because we are way too picky and have no real experience with renovations. Would it be fun to get a cool old home? Yes! We would love the charm and everything but with owning our businesses and everything we do not have the time, dedication, or knowledge to do it. So we have been trying to figure out and plan what we want and layouts and everything to make sure we hit our price point and everything as well when we go to resell it. But I think if I could have any house right now it would be the HGTV Dream Home. I am crazy about everything about this place. Every finish, the combination of Pottery Barn and Modern chic. Everything!! I love it! So I wanted to share it on here but make sure you do the tour to get the full experience 🙂

Happy New Years every one! Cheers to 2011 and it being one of the best years yet!

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