Monday Inspiration: Jillian Tamaki and Penguin Classics

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I have always been a huge fan of Penguin Classics. They know hot to make the classic literature beautiful and intriguing over and over again. Once again they have done it by choosing the gorgeous handi-work of Jillian Tamaki
Not only are the illustrations of these books exquisite but to top it all off the design was hand stitched by Jillian and as she said consumed the first 2 months of the year for her. I can imagine when you look close up it is incredible to see the perfection and diligence these pieces have in them. I only hope to at least see one of these books in person. 
You can see the full story of it all more in depth on her blog post here
I have been so intrigued by the combination of modern digital designing with this artisan hand crafted look that emerged in the age of social marketing and fast pace life. To see such true art be created like this is always refreshing today. So let’s revel a little be inspired by the colors, textures, organic lines, and story each design tells. 
Happy Monday friends! Doing a fun post later today on a shoot I did with a friend of mine cannot wait to share!

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