Monday Inspiration: Kurtis Beavers

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Today I am excited to share inspiration from Indiana based illustrator and designer, Kurtis Beavers. Kurtis has a serious passion for visual storytelling especially when related to children’s books and interactivity. His playful ideas are what bring freshness to his work that has been inspiring since we met through Twitter. 

Since college Kurtis has been passionate about illustrating. After quiet a few years working in the agency world he decided it was time to embrace his passion for illustration. It wasn’t till just recently that he was able to get the courage he needed to make a go at it on his own and what a go he has made. Check out that map!!! 

Currently he is still working full time and taking his freelance work as it comes. He is inspired by living in Bloomington, Indiana and spending time with wife and son. 

When talking to Kurtis he said his dream project would be to create an interactive children’s book for a tablet or mobile device. By reviewing his work it is very clear that Kurtis will make this happen. 

Happy Monday my friends! Make sure to check out Kurtis’s website and start following him on twitter!!


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