Monday Inspiration: Leah Duncan

Welcome to the beauty that is Leah Duncan! If you know me you will know that I am rather picky about patterns and color combinations. It is hard for me decide on pieces for my home and stick to it which is why a lot of the time I simply purchase things that can easily change as my thoughts of my space do (ie. pillow covers, frames, and simple basic stream lined classic pieces). 

But I have to say that I am overly smitten for the first time in a long time with linens and prints. Leah’s work is beautifully original and done to perfection. Her use of hands on lines and her beautiful color palettes are just wonderful. I love the touch of a creator in pieces and they are so perfect in her pieces. Not something easily copied. 

Which takes me to my next thing. I don’t rant about much and I still am not going to but this is going to be more like an observation. While going through my reader this morning and jumping through my pinterest just as I do every morning. I noticed how much of a lack of original ideas are out there. I know it’s something we must face in being in this industry but I don’t believe you have reached creative potential until you can create something that is all you and strictly your own. Still working on it myself but I just want people to know how important it is to strive for creating what is natural to who you are as a human. We all have the potential to create something original and beautiful like Leah’s work but only when we can stop and allow ourselves to do it will it happen. Still getting there myself but I know it will happen one day. 

Anyways Happy Rainy Monday! 

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