Monday Inspiration: Matthias Heiderich

Going through school I found that my favorite part of art and design was the truth it showed of someone. A piece showed how an individual saw the world, which is a view not many can full express. Some pieces are much more abstract than others but I realized the importance of this to culture. When we allow ourselves to see the other person’s perspective through their work we can open ourselves to new ideas and thoughts. It is rare to not sink into a good piece of art or design and come out the same. 

When I came across the work of Matthias Heiderich I felt this connection right away. He sees line, color, movement, and beauty in places most would not. Most people in a city do not see the kind of shapes that Matthias has made me see after experiencing his work. Now when I walk amongst large buildings I am inspired by the simplest of adjustments in contrast and line changes. It’s a splendid feeling considering most of my life I kept beauty in the box of sunsets and water lapping on the shores.

It’s amazing what you can see when you really open your mind to what is around you and I think Matthias may be one of my favorite examples of that I have seen in quite some time. 

Make sure to check out all of his work it will truly inspire.

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