Monday Inspiration: Old Type Logos

For the past couple days I have been working on a branding project based around the use of old type and logos from old bottles and posters. When I say old I am saying 1920 – 1950 right before the 60’s and mostly during the depression era when things were printed on old presses and modern printing options weren’t an option. 

That being said I thought it would be great to share some inspiration for you guys this morning that has helped me drive through this project. 

I am off this evening to see a concert and eat some dinner with good friends from college. I am excited to catch up and spend the night down in Grand Rapids but to be honest I am a little tired of driving so after tomorrow when we are back I am excited to begin relaxing and unpack some. It will feel nice. 

Hope you Easter was good and your sugar handover hasn’t been bad. 

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