Monday Inspiration: Oscars

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To tell you the truth I don’t watch the Oscars normally. I hate the long acceptance speeches and the whole Hollywood thing all together. It just never has appealed to me at all. But after much begging from me to watch a movie my husband stuck to his guns and pleaded a good case for watching it especially since we made a point of watching every movie we could on the list this year. It just seemed right. I always just look at what everyone was wearing the next day but this time I was just kind of in awe of some of the great and classic looks the stars wore. So i thought I would share just a couple of my favorites this year. 

My favorite hands down was Cate Blanchet. Her dress was a true piece of art and something I thought was  an innovation on the classic. I see this as being a dress down in history. I actually lost my breathe when she came out. Kind of feel funny saying that but it was just so amazing. 

My second favorite was Mila Kunis. She always has evoked striking and almost provocative style. She plays off her age well but in a very classy way. I know a lot of people were wishing she had a little more covering her top but I felt like it walked the line of tasteful and not so much very well. I cannot get over the color and I say rock what you got and boy did she. Kind of in love with this dress. 
The third dress I loved was Hilary Swank’s. This was another one of those dresses that took my breathe away. The flowing edges and vertical gradients of glitz was so complimented by the feathery bottom. I think if I were getting married again on New Years Eve this would be my dress. So in love. 

Though there were many other favorites of mine the last one I wanted to post was Halle Berry. True beauty and class is her through and through so it was not a surprise to see her rocking this gorgeous gown from Marchesa. I cannot get enough of how this dress compliments her features from skin tone to hair color. It was almost as if it was made for her (and quiet possibly was) what a rock star. Click On Cincy if you are looking for reputable hair salons that you can visit to get your hair designed and retouched correctly!


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