Monday Inspiration: Staying Organized

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image via: Houzz

I don’t know about you guys but I have the hardest time staying organized and on top of paper work. There are days my office looks more like a hurricane came through than like that image above. To be honest I could probably only dream of having an office this neat and organized. There are those days that at times my office does look neat and clean but it usually a calm before the storm. 

So I thought today since my office looks the exact opposite I need to get some inspiration to make the changes that need to happen so my office space feels relaxing,  comfortable, inspiring, and honestly worth showing off. I think the most basic step and the first place to begin with this is organization. I have come up with some steps that should help get you on your feet to having a dreamy space. 

These are just the beginning of getting organized so you can then decorate and making your space just the way you want it. I know that I need to sort paper at and all the ingoing and outgoing sheets about 2 times a month or more. So if your papers are stacking up begin this process. You may even find a few surprises in the process. Happy Monday my friends!

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