Monday Inspiration: strong strengths and weak weaknesses

photo via: Design Sponge interview with Ashley Meaders

As I have been writing and putting together a presentation for a conference for High School girls in the area about jobs, I have been thinking through a lot of how to describe what I do, what makes it perfect for me, where my goals lie, and how I got here. I wish there was an easy to answer to many of those questions but I have found there is not and instead I have a hard time defining my direction with my business. I have ideas that are all over the place but I fight many of them simply because I know I need to be realistic. 

After I every weekend I wake up wishing I had worked the whole weekend. Not because I am behind, which I am a little bit right now…hang in there clients your work is coming. But I have found I want to work on all the other ideas I have in my mind on the weekends. I have paintings and sketches I want to do and DIY projects I want to create and things I want to plan. I do my work everyday for my clients and I am crazy in love with it and with who I am working with. I have dream clients that keep coming to me and I love what I do, but I also do that work so I can passionately expand myself as a creative. I read blogs, I stay up on what is moving and shaking in the world, and i create freely outside of the computer. I do everything from redecorating my house daily to painting things or rummaging through thrift stores to create things out of what I find which is totally outside of the graphic designer in me and those are the things that drive me. 

But in the last year of business I have found out some very interesting things about myself. I have learned where I need help (which is huge as a business owner and as an adult to be able to recognize this I have realized) and where I am more than capable and need to be more blindly confident as some would say ;). The amount of brands I have rebranded in my head in the Grand Traverse area is crazy but do you think I have the confidence to walk into a company and tell them what they need even if I may be right. That is the blind confidence I do not possess and hope to in the future. But I wanted to write and lay out my cards to my readers and be honest with what I know I am good at and what I can honestly say I know need more than just a little help with. I felt this was best for myself to let people know what I struggle with and though I am really lucky to be doing what I am so passionate about and some how making a living that by no means good at the whole thing. I learn everyday and have to whip my own butt out of bed to do the work and hold my hand through so many things. So here we go. 

– A natural eye for color, style, and design
– blind optimism
– work my butt off personality
– completely coachable
– a great listener
– humble
– a good balancer of life
– high expectations for quality
– a doer
– problem solver
– highly passionate
– Seeing the Big picture

– Shy and introverted
– phone calls
– finances finances finances (this includes taxes, write-offs, and budgeting) 
– Organizing
– being confident in what I know is good
– negotiating things
– Keeping running lists 
– slowing down
– drinking enough water
– getting ahead
– planning
– Execution of the big picture 
– details

So there we go! Would love to hear of anyone elses strengths and weaknesses mostly so I feel better about myself haha. But I feel getting all these out there is better than never sharing at all. I love what I do and thus placing the image above and feel happiest when I am fulfilling passions and ideas in my studio. I love concepting ideas and it is weird how life just feels right when I am not what I like to call working but fully using my creativity. The same feeling you get when you are eating healthy and working out everyday. Almost like a good detox. So I know all my weakness are minimal to to what I know I can do and accomplish. I am trying to figure out ways everyday to conquer these weaknesses to better my company and my creativity. 

Happy Monday all my friends!

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3 Responses

  1. You are sooo welcome! I just recently started a home-based photography business ( and am enrolled in a professional certificate program in digital arts…so, my long term goal (right now) is to actually open up a design studio. A place where people can get everything in one place if they want. I imagine a bride coming in to get engagement pictures, wedding programs and thank you's all in one place. Or kind of like what you did for Dan Stewart Photography(which I LOVED btw)… but then again, there are so many avenues to pursue from this, like to I keep it "fixed" on just one thing, like only do businesses or do I only do special occasions…??? Then I have my husband who is amazing at the marketing angle of business, so I'm like maybe we should open an all in one marketing/branding business??? Then on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, my husband and I have talked about starting a restaurant.( detours…lol) Which leads me into the answer to your question on whether I keep a blog and the answer is yes. I just started and it is called Just Bitten @, I share enduring tales from my kitchen, mostly, with the occasional bit of randomness; like DIY, up-cycling and my photography. My culinary approach is more on the organic, natural and healthy side with an interesting twist. I like to "re-purpose" recipes or traditional meals, if you will, with my own unique flair. I am also big on trying to sneak extra "good stuff" in πŸ™‚ Anyways, I'm rambling…but you should definitely check it out. I'm using this as my outlet for my love of cooking, so I can focus on my goal of the design studio right now. We should definitely stay in touch and maybe use each other to bounce ideas back and fourth from. Wow, sorry I like wrote a book here. lol. Happy Tuesday and I hope to talk soon. Maybe I should email you next time? haha.

  2. Randee!! Thank you sooo much for this. Your insight is beautiful and I love your ideas and would love to know more about what you are planning with your business and what you are thinking. Do you keep a blog? If not please do cause I will read πŸ™‚

    Thank you thank you for this!

  3. Megan, can I just say that you are great! You are truly talented, gifted and an inspiration. I have to say that I feel that we match up on more than a few of those strengths and weaknesses, but one in-particular, is the Seeing the big picture vs. Executing the big picture. I feel that although the execution part is somewhat of a very important thing, we are still gifted with the part of seeing the big picture. For me, I think that along the journey of trying to execute the big picture, I come up with more ideas and inspirations, therefore, I become distracted and start another project or want to change/add to the one I am currently working on. Although I am far from being "cured" from this problem (lol), I have started keeping a journal, broken into categories( home projects/organizing/DIY, work project ideas, ect.) with me to write down all of my ideas. It truly has helped me better "prioritize" my time. [I also bought some accordion folders and keep pictures/magazine clipping/articles in there for all things in life; one for cooking, one for projects, one for Photo inspirations, ect.] Being creatures of constant creativity means we'll never stop thinking, dreaming and doing, even if it takes a little longer than it probably should…hope this gives you some hope as I am just starting out with my business and am facing the same problem of "defining the exact direction". I am going a gazillions ways at once and to say the least, it is aggravating. I think of it as a road with construction going on. There are all these signs for detour's and all kinds of pot holes and I just want to take a straight path to where I need to go. And then a train comes, and while I'm sitting there, I realize that sometimes the detours are necessary to my growth and advancement, as well as my creativity…So I continue on. Be encouraged today that your business will turn into exactly WHAT it is supposed to be exactly WHEN it's supposed to be, because God's timing is perfect and he will pave the way πŸ™‚

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