Monday Words: Choose to Live

Monday Words: Choose to Live | The Fresh Exchange

If there is one thing in life we have it is choice. No matter where you find yourself. No matter the good or the bad. There is always a choice. Whether a choice of perception. Whether choice of direction. Whether choice of words. We always have a choice. Sometimes we make a choice without thinking twice about it. Sometimes we make a choice and quickly regret it. Sometimes we make a choice and couldn’t be happier with it.

No matter what choice we make big or small, there is the fact we have a choice. Lately, among all of our choices we have decided that the theme of these choices is to choose to live. We want to live life fully, intentionally, and full of depth. Our hope is to teach our son to do the same, but we realize that in order to do so, we must exemplify that more than speak about it. Our life has been intentional about making our career, our passions, our life, all in the same vein. I want to see no line between creating and living and no line between working and playing.

This is the choice that is hardest. It is easy to want to stick to the road traveled and paved ahead of us, but maybe it is because too many times I refuse to take this road that lately it has started to become easier to choose the path we have for ourselves. The last thing I want is to live a life I must feel obligated to apologize for or somehow find complaint with in order to validate it. No one should have to feel that way. Instead, I hope to live a life that is contagiously full of life, creativity, adventure, love, and goodness. There is far too much of the opposite in this world.

Thus, this Monday I inspire you to find a way to choose to live today. What will take you closer to a life well lived? What brings you joy? Where can work and play blur? I want to hear it!

Happy Monday my friends. May you feel alive this week.

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6 Responses

  1. Your words are always so encouraging! I was just talking with A co-worker earlier today about how precious life is. We have eternity sketched in our hearts, but our time here is so fleeting. I also resolve to live, risks and all.

  2. This year, my husband and I have focused on choosing to live with adventure. We recently moved from Pittsburgh to Chicagoland for my new job, and we have since been pushing our boundaries; we bought bicycles on whim and started riding, going wherever the paths near our apartment take us. We have wandered into a polish grocery, not knowing a word of polish, just to check out their shelves. we’ve been trying new foods and restaurants that lie outside of our comfort zone.
    adventure makes the lightning-fast pace our lives have taken in the last six months seem like an easy stroll. adventure is making us appreciate our surroundings, and every moment more. For us, it is through adventure that we are truly coming to life.

  3. I love your focus on choosing to live! Sometimes i feel like i’m going through the motions of life — without taking the time to appreciate the moments. I’ve recently started meditating, and the topic of gratitude has come up often. It has forced me to think of what i’m grateful for, and has allowed me to become more conscious of the choices i’m making and the path i am on. These are great words to think about this week!

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