Mr. Porter

My husband always sends me the coolest guy stuff and says “Blog about this!” ha. I keep telling him he just needs to jump on and post from time to time but he isn’t too into it. 
Well so here I am sharing one of those “blog about this!” from my husband. This one though I have to say is probably one of the greatest man things I have seen in a while. I get emails from friends a lot asking about great men’s clothes and how to put together outfits well. As simple as men’s clothing can be there is still an art to it, but fortunately Mr. Porter has been discovered. 
Porter is this great men’s clothing site combining the best of the best of men’s designers and then bringing them together in an easy to use site that gives you inspirations that are practical and easy to put together. Also there are sections where you can find what what should be in your closet and even show you them in action on classic style icons such as Steve Mcqueen, Bob Dylan, Paul Newman, and many more. So whether you already embracing your style as a man or trying to learn the ropes Porter is perfect for any stylish man or classy gentleman.
The best part to me is their font which you can purchase on the site. You should check it out. I am kind of drooling over it! 
Okay I am style beaming through some work and I am hitting the end of the day wall so off I am! Happy Tuesday friends!

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