Must Haves Under $50

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This weekend I was doing some shopping in preparation for Alt Summit. As a young business owner you don’t always have…say “free” cash lying around to pour in to the so-called perfect outfit for every occasion so this year I have decided to stay on a better budget when it comes to fashion. This year we are doing a lot to save and put away money so we can make some big dreams come true for us personally. Thought I have to be honest and say I am still a girl who loves to shop…so I have to be able to buy something once and a while, but what if it was cheap and under budget? Yeah I think we can do that.

So to prove you can I wrangled up some really cute things that are all under $50 and some even under $25 or $10. Most of this could come together with a cute pair of tights and classic coat to make for a great outfit for any event…all way under what you may pay for the amazing Tracy Reese and Kate Spade dress you have been eyeing. Who says you cannot be a stylin’ lady on a budget, and who says anyone has to know?

(from top left and going clockwise)
Polka dot top from H&M $24.95
Yellow Circle Scarf from Topshop $32.00
Black Ankle Booties from ASOS $35.16
Faceted Gold Angle Necklace from Forever 21 $8.80
Pleated Red Tweed Skirt from Target $22.99
Spiked White and Gold Bracelet from Forever 21 $6.80
Black leather Tassel Clutch from ASOS $32.14

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