Natalie Portman: Epitome of Grace

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful snow ever. It was falling so softly and almost like we were on a movie set so perfect. Mike and I had to take advantage and enjoy the morning with a little walk through our favorite field. Plus the pup just couldn’t take being inside any longer so took the morning off thus the late blogpost. 

For quite some time now I have been very obsessed with Natalie Portman. Every since high school and she played the awkward Sam on Garden State and then Closer and other edgy not characteristic roles of herself. Her personality is endearing and her style does nothing but match her beauty from inside and out. In my opinion she is probably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Strip her of hair and makeup and she is still pure perfection and there aren’t many women who would could say that. I know I couldn’t!

Her style is classic, sophisticated, and reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. I love how even in her oddest characters on screen she still has the same comfort to her voice and body language. I know some girls geek about movies that have Julie Roberts or Blake Lively or Jennifer Aniston, which I do too, but I just smitten with any movie Natalie is in from V for Vendetta to Star Wars she is pure grace and elegance and I think we all should take note.

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