Notebooks to Brighten your Monday

This is going to be a short week over here at Hitch. I feel like there is a lot to finish, a lot I want to accomplish and ready to take on but I am really trying to slow my heart and mind down in order to take in the present season. Do you guys sometimes have to check yourself like that? 

So to kick me off into over drive for the next couple days I thought what better way than to find something that can capture all my thoughts and ideas. I found these little Notebooks from Julia Kostreva. Her shop is adorable already but these notebooks win my heart. The clean lines, Futura, and the colors just make me so happy. 

Though if you are anything like me you buy cute notebooks (like these Rifle Paper Co ones) and are too afraid to write in them because you don’t want to mess them up or something. Silly, I know but knowing me I probably would haha. 

Happy Monday! 

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