One busy week

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Okay so I was pretty much MIA yesterday and I apologize but I am going to have to be quick today as well. My head feels overwhelmed and I am trying to hit some tight deadlines this week so I will be brief. 

I wanted to give some interior inspiration it felt like a good time in the week and so I have been in love with Gray lately as a room color. I love how versatile it can be and the palettes that it can be used in. You can keep a very calm and collected palette with other grays and whites and even blacks or you can go drastic with a warm gray and contrast it with cool (as in temperature of the color) accent pillows on the couch or other cool accessories. So I thought I would show some great examples that are inspiring me right now with Grays. 

Enjoy! I am back to the grind. I promise to share designs once they are complete and the project has closed. I promise this is going to be fun 🙂 Lots of things on the burner right now! I almost feel like I need another set of hands, brain, and eyes mostly because mine are just getting a little tired right about 2 in the afternoon. Anyways you don’t want to listen to me…check out the photos!


One last thing I have to shout out to my mom who wrote me this email that brought tears to my eyes! Yeah for mom’s and their great encouragement. I love you! Thanks for me being so supportive even when my ideas sound crazy 🙂

Hello! I’m Megan Gilger,

A strong believer that nature and the seasons are our greatest teachers. We live on a hill in Leelanau County, Michigan just a stone’s throw from Lake Michigan. This land we are responsible for is where we are focused on building a life around the seasons and intention. We spend our days here building a regenerative model of living and focusing our garden on native plants and intensive polyculture planting styles. My focus is less on self-sufficiency and more on community-sufficiency through how we grow and connect through the seasons.
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