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It sounds crazy but I follow more photographers than I do designers in my reader. 
In High School I wanted to tell stories through images it sounds funny but I always wanted to understand how to use a camera right and I particularly wanted to do Music Videos. I loved the idea of tying images to a song because of the deep intimacy that can be created. The idea of storytelling was something I always loved, but I never wanted to do it through words, it just didn’t fit how I thought. 

Now I never obviously became a videographer, simply because I realized I wasn’t that kind of thinker, but I am learning to use a camera and sometimes get a chance to be one on occasion. But my true passion I learned was setting the moment. I can see the space and visualize the shot but I don’t always now how to transfer it correctly into the camera, thus why I love being an Art Director on a photo shoot. 

But over the years my passion has grown to a point of deep love and understanding of the art of photography. Where I communicate in styles, colors, and lines they communicate through the art of capturing a moment. I remember someone explaining photography as a breath in a moment and I loved that idea. I love seeing those iconic images that simply capture everything about one day or one moment. I am not for all the fussed up stylized engagement shoots cause I love the rawness of passion and love that can come when a couple is in their own element. 

So to close out this busy crazy week I thought I would post some images that have taken my breath away over the summer. I am sure there will be more to come but I wanted to share some of these unique and amazing images. 

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Enjoy my friends!


 Photo credit: Alec Vanderboom

 Photo Credit: Cassidy Dawn Photography

 Photo Credit: Clayton Austin

 Photo credit: Clayton Austin

 Photo Credit: Cory Weber Photography

  Photo Credit: Cory Weber Photography

Photo Credit: EE Photography

Photo Credit: Logan Cole

 Photo Credit: Max Wagner

 Photo Credit: Our Labor of Love

Photo Credit: We Are The Parsons

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