Our Current Work: Dan Stewart Photography

We got a call from Dan Stewart Photography just before Thanksgiving. We were so excited to help Dan spice up his branding and reach his target market better. 

After much discussion about where to take Dan’s branding we came to the conclusion that we needed to communicate Dan’s fun and creative work while capturing the feeling of an intimate experience of a Northern Michigan wedding. So we needed to feel tangible to his clients but still express who Dan is as a photographer. 

In the time I have been working with Dan I have been impressed with his natural ability to relate with his clients and create beautiful imagery that truly captures the characters of the couples, families, and individuals he works with day in and day out. He is a smart business owner with his marketing and when choosing projects.  He recently just shot a music video for Jetty Rae which will be released I believe today so make sure to check that out. Very Cool stuff!

Our goal when working with Dan was to create a brand that his bridal clientele would understand and relate with but make sure to not lose the style Dan has with his photography. He captures the moment and the intimate memories of a wedding but he also creates high contrast work that are signature pieces of Dan’s work so we wanted to make sure to communicate that through his brand. By simplifying his logo mark we allowed more focus on his name and company but also created a small mark that we were able to re purpose into a pattern and almost create a wallpaper style look that creates the tangible elements you need in branding with weddings. As you will see his color palette did not change significantly. We felt by slightly altering the colors he had into cooler less saturated tones they would be more affective. 
It is clients like Dan that we love because our work because more of a collaboration when you work with another creative on their branding or any kind of materials. These are my favorite projects to work on hands down.

So go ahead and check out what we have worked on so far for Dan and make sure to check out this site and see more of his amazing work. 
Here is a little before and after comparison. 

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah all their engagement and wedding photos were incrediable. So adorable! Dan did a great job!! The first time I saw their photos on Dan's website I was like WHAT?!! really?!? I was really shocked she had hired someone from Northern Michigan but it makes sense they turned out perfect.

  2. I looked at the second photo from the bottom and was like hmm, that looks like Traci and Austin… Oh wait, it IS Traci and Austin! They had really beautiful photos of their wedding!

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