painting with success

I think this winter Mike and I are going to begin painting again. We both feel we have been out of it for too long so somewhere in our 600 sq. ft. home or whatever it is we will be setting up a studio. With all the thoughts of painting again I have been trying to think what my style would be now. 

With my strong passion for colors and palettes I believe I am going to start painting more abstractly and doing work that can be more interpretative to the viewer instead of very straight too the point. It should be fun and I will make sure to share our work as we complete pieces in January and February but in mean time I thought I would share some pieces and their spaces they have been placed in. Very pretty!

As for the weekend we have no work plans, which is wonderful and it means tomorrow we are going to explore the west coast of Lake Michigan and be tourists. We will stop at farmer’s markets and purchase apples and find some new fun things. It should be wonderful and I have been looking forward to this since last year I feel like. 

Have a good weekend to all. Ooo and Monday Hitch is going to have some exciting things coming up…I will tell more then 🙂

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