Paris Day 1

We landed. We made it.

Red-eye flights are the way to go. Though sleeping was a little rough we awoke to a sunrise over London and a fresh Parisian morning. I have never been to a place that literally meets my expectations and then goes above and beyond. The people are beautiful, the presentation of service is how it should be, and every corner you turn a new architectural beauty awaits. I am still in shock I think, but I am not a city girl and I feel like I may have found the one city I could actually live in.

When we got in we caught up with Jonathan Grant at the airport. He then took us down to Saint Germain to see the city a little and have a wonderful brunch while we people watched. It was perfect and the most ideal meal after a long whole day of traveling and airport food.

We then ran some errands and finally reached our apartment for the week. This is also when travel finally set in and we passed out for a few hours, which felt oh so good!

Tonight we are headed to some events with Grant for his work in fashion. I cannot wait to see the city through his eyes and meet so many of the people he tells us about all the time.

More coming! I am trying to keep this as live and current as possible for you all. I want to make you all feel as if you are traveling with me!

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17 Responses

  1. Megan this has cheered me up no end, we will there in St. Germain for 2 weeks in June, we have our apartment booked and cannot wait to live like a Parisian. Friends just came back with tales of gypsies harrassing them, it put me off a little, but your story has brightened me and I am excited again. Do you speak French, we are learning now, but our Australian accents are atrocious and I am sure we will make a botch up of it. Ha ha, we found the people to be very helpful though when we were there in 2010, hopefully we will find that again. Any number 1 thing we should do?

  2. Hi Megan,

    Great blog! My husband and I are off to Paris in a couple of weeks. I wonepdered if you had a list of your recommendations? It would be so great if you did.

    Thanks so much


    1. Hey Leah!

      Would love to help!!! I am right now on location for a shoot and other things in Raleigh/Durham but shoot me an email and by the end of the month I can get back to you!


  3. Beautiful pictures! I spend 3 years in Paris and they were the most wonderful years!

    Enjoy all museums (by the way, you can buy exhibits + Versailles tickets in advance at the “FNAC” in order to avoid huge line ups). Enjoy the éclair au chocolat and macarons!
    All the best!

  4. I just found your blog via Mimi and Meg and I could not be happier because I am headed to Paris in a little more than a week! So I cant wait to see your photos and hear about where you go in Paris!

    I am also equally excited to find your blog because it looks fabulous so far, cant wait to truly spend time sitting down and reading through it!

  5. Amazing!!! LOVE your photos. I hope you are having the time of your life! My husband and I are going in May and I am thrilled, any suggestions on a painting lesson for a short day?!

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