Paris Day Four

It was 8 am when I awoke. I remember lying in the bed with the view of the building next door seeping through the window. In most cities this may be a not so pretty view, but in Paris it is as if a piece of art is there instead of a window. The sounds of the street bustle outside as street vendors begin opening stores and women are rushing little ones off to school and grabbing baguettes. It is a sound that is more like music here than noise. I tell myself to soak this in.

We began our adventures for the day finding our way down to this off the main street Mexican restaurant called Candelaria. My first thought was “Mexican in Paris?” Well I am so glad I was surprised. This place had some of the best Mexican I have ever had. Cabbage, cactus, black beans, feta…I can keep going but I am sure you are already drooling. It was amazing, but what made it even better was the decor. We spent just as much time eating as we did exploring the place and taking photos. It was too gorgeous. Honestly it reminded me of Palm Springs. It was a little de ja vue ish…so Parisian of me.

The window was hand painted with this type that I couldn’t get enough of. I mean you all must know by now I have a thing for hand lettering…huh? Yeah this kind of hit the sweet spot for me.

The thing I have noticed about Paris the most is the light. It is perfect. No matter where you go or the type of weather, it is amazing. Maybe it is the time of the year but it has made taking photos that much more easy and inspiring. I love this photo of Mike and I chilling waiting for lunch, but it feels so perfect because of the light.

Too often when we travel we forget to document…I don’t just mean photos but I mean thoughts, which is why I am working so hard to post every day of our trip. I am also doing a notebook as well. Though at times you take a photo that truly needs no words. This one is that. All of us here, this space, the light…there is nothing that could have captured this day or week better than this image. Good friends are hard to find. These ones are ones I feels blessed oh so blessed to have…not only that to have them here creating and exploring with me.

Michael joined us only a day ago and this was his first full day in Paris. Watching him take it all in was awesome. I am still on a high from being here, but to see another on even fresher than me was so inspiring. I loved watching him photograph and see what he was seeing that I did not necessarily.

I could get used to just wandering these streets and talking about life. Discussing creative projects and all we are seeing. I could get really really used to this.

Though wandering and getting lost is fun, you do get so so hungry and you do need some coffee. The thing to do…grab a table at a cafe nearest you that tickles your fancy and pop a squat. Order an Americano or Espresso and ask for a surprise treat. You won’t be disappointed. There is no way. This dessert I had no idea what it was but it was the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. All I know is there was a meringue base in it. That is all I know and I like that.

Most of our days begin and end here. I find these places inspiring in very different ways every day. Today I found these two inspiring sitting and being quiet while we traveled home that evening. Reviewing the days travels and moments.

Then this happened. This moment of 4 vespas. I cannot think of a better photo to describe Paris. Things simply are this beautiful just by nature here. As Mike said it as if this whole city went to design school. When you see things like this you realize this could very well be true.


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13 Responses

  1. I have only read about Candeleria. It was designed and styled by an American couple living in Paris (look up It looks stunning from the pictures that I have seen. Glad to hear that the food is good too.

    I am really loving your photos from Paris. I have been to Europe but never to France. Must go next. ^_^

  2. Hello Megan !

    What nice pict’ “the 4 Vespas” is ! I love it !!

    I’m probably in the same mood than Morgane, probably because I used to see Paris in a more “daily way”.
    But your pictures and your point of view are so refreshing and I thing maybe that we have to come far to enjoy and see the beauty of Paris !

    Thank you to share these perfect moments !

  3. I used to live in the French countryside, and move to Paris few weeks ago. These past few posts (not only on your blog, “hein”) about what is now my current city always, always, make me sad. It is how so very strange that I can’t seem to find the beauty you find in here.
    Maybe is it because I’m living in god so awfully small and dark flat, in addition to spend most of times studying (and therefore not wandering around and enjoying the city, or meeting new interesting people as much as I would to (I’m only asking for a couple of hours here and there)), but I just literally “hate” myself for being unable to enjoy myself and realize the luck that people think I have to be part of “there”.

    I think it is important that I underline this message is not what some could called “a hate post”. I’m afraid my English is quite limited (good god these french people! They are the worst, innit? Haha) and I might “sound” more defensive that I attend to.

    All things let aside, I never commented on your blog before, but let me tell you your photos are fantastic and your articles – delightful. Even with everything going on, I love to scroll down (:

    1. Aww Morgane…I did not take this the wrong way and rather enjoy your honesty as well as respect it.

      I wish I could give you advice as to how to meet more people in an easier way. I hope you can begin to see your city soon and enjoy the view you have. Maybe if there is a way to every once and a while take a little different route between the metro and your flat to see new things. I think things will begin to become better the more time you are here.

      I wish you the best and am so glad you love the posts the so much! Keep reading please!!

  4. I love this. That is all I can really say. I went to a psychic today. She told me everything I could wish to hear. Things I have felt for months, years, every second that I am awake. “You don’t belong here, you need to go, go to where your heart desires because there is no success here for you.” I loved hearing those words, and now I am seeing these blogs all over. I am doing it, going where my heart desires, craves, longs to be. Paris. I’m coming soon.

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