Paris Type – 16 Days

Okay Okay I am working on posts for Italy tonight and before I jumped over in that direction I have one last Paris post. I am not sure who of you have caught on but while I was in Paris I secretly challenged myself to create different type for the 16 days we were in Paris. I thought it would be really cool to let the city inspire me typographically and it did not disappoint. I wanted to share it all with you today before we moved past Paris and in to the 2nd leg of our trip. I thought you all would enjoy seeing all the type in one post side-by-side.


Catch the whole trip and all the posts here.

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33 Responses

  1. I really love all of them. You did such a great job! i’m so captivated by your blog, thankfully from browsing around pinterest looking for tips/experiences of other people’s abroad experiences. i’m planning a mini euro trip with friends and have been thinking of how i should categorize all my posts to share with everyone but i think you’ve done such an awesome job showing us your experiences. really happy i found a new blog i enjoy! xx

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