Picnic on the Peninsula

Living in Northern Michigan you get the chance to easily escape from the urban area into gorgeous places that feel almost untouched by human life. Within 10 minutes or less you can be on the shores of Lake Michigan and feel your soul fill up with the beauty that surrounds you. There can be quiet and seeing the stars is an option on any clear evening. That is what keeps me here even in those times like goodness I would give to not order an Anthropologie shirt online. I check myself in those moments with times like this one. 

Mike, Grant (our college friend and fashion extrodinaire…no for real he is one of the head stylists at a rad clothing boutique called Ella’s downtown), Nellie (our inquisitive golden) and I went for a 30 minute drive up Old Mission Peninsula on a blistering 50 degree day to enjoy the sunset, great company, and a light dinner. We were there for no more than an hour but it was well worth it to have an adventure and enjoy the beginnings of spring. 

I hope you guys enjoy our little trip. I apologize for so many photos but I couldn’t get enough of all of the images Mike took (that’s why he is not in most of them he is behind the camera). Once again I am so grateful to be surrounded by creative and inspiring people and to be married to such a handsome and talented man. 

Happy St. Patty’s another post to follow this afternoon. 

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