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Finally it is Friday, which means sleep. I feel as if this week has been going 100 mph with the number of projects I have right now. It is a good thing I love what I do or else 8 AM to 12 AM would be pretty much torture. Though my body hurts from sitting the chair and my eyes begged me to wear my glasses I feel things are moving along well. 

I have a few projects to do still but no to do’s is not good for me. I am a total doer and hate staying still. I get antsy and truthfully I think it’s because I don’t want to waste life. I have hundreds of thoughts and ideas and since getting rid of TV and spending more time creating those ideas have gotten even better. So I don’t like to sit around unless it involves a good glass of wine, 70 degrees, sunny, and a beach. 

Anyways, more to come! Here are my Pinterest picks for the week. Pretty in love with too many things this week so check out my pins on my page. I love Pinterest friends by the way!

Happy Friday my dear friends!

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