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Man what a whirl wind! Weeks with holidays in them always seem to be the hardest. I have a tendency to always think I can get more done than I think. I probably should start learning sometime soon I feel like. But the thing is when a great project comes along I cannot say no and of recent I have gotten to do some cool things. I plan to share a poster I just created for a very cool company here in Northern Michigan who puts on the COOLEST festivals. There are not any cooler events than the ones that Porterhouse Productions does and not to mention Sam and Abby who run it are a couple hip and fun people that I have really excited I have gotten to know and can’t wait to work with them more!

I also got to create some beautiful and fun invites for Bryan and Mae‘s wedding that is in September, which I will share the final proof next week! Stay tunes lots of fun posting will be had. 

Other than that personal world has been great but tiring. Mike and I committed to each other about three weeks ago when we got back from Texas we would make this summer the summer we get fit. So we decided we did not want to diet and instead decided to conquer P90X. Have you heard of it? Okay the first week was not fun and harder than any training I ever did when I played college soccer. I mean I have never been that sore in my life! Now that we are tying up our second week I am not sore everyday but rather REALLY tired from waking up early to work out for an hour and a half. So I am finding my head slowly reaching for my desk by 2 in the afternoon everyday, which has slowed down productivity I feel like on all the side projects. 

The greatest part though to the whole work out thing is we are totally seeing results and though I would not recommend this to someone who hasn’t been working out on some level 3 days a week, I would say if you want to really kick some butt this is your workout. Mike and I were both college athletes so this was right up our ally to compete and push each other to “Bring it!” as Tony the trainer says ha. 

Best part of it all is I am seeing results and I can still have a little ice cream everyday I will work my butt off for that any day. 

So I will be posting the weekend links later this evening but I wanted to recap the week a little and let you know life is good. Hope it is sunny where you are! 

Happy Friday! It’s the summer enjoy the sunset while drinking your favorite refresher and being with good company. 

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