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Holy smokes! It’s already Friday and it’s July! When did this happen? Can someone slow down summer please!!!??

This week has been pretty great. I spent last weekend taking the time to plan out goals after we got back from our trip. I have made the decision to make my goals come to life instead of just saying that’s what I hope happens. I watch so many people live life telling themselves they want something whether it be to lose weight, have a better job, or start something new but too often they never get there because they never make a plan of how they see it happening or the steps they need to take to get there. So I told myself I wouldn’t be one of those people…this is stubborn Megan coming out right here. We only live once and gosh darn it I am going to make the most of it all. 

I LOVE the fact that when I wake up in the morning I get to write here and inspire you all, I get to sketch & draw for my clients, and then on top of it all I get to grow a big garden, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with the people I love the most. It’s a huge blessing and I always try to remind myself how grateful I need to be and never let it either go to my head or take it for granted. 

After spending some time brainstorming with Ms. Pink from the Pink and Blue blog about an amazing future project last night, I felt even more pumped about where things are going for the blog. Most of all I was excited about how we will be able to impact people’s lives and keep inspiring them so they can inspire others. How beautiful right? I cannot wait to share more with you all as this all comes together but for now we are being hush hush. Sorry! 

So I hope you have amazing plans this weekend to celebrate summer on the best holiday of the year (in my mind). I look forward to the 4th every year because it is what Northern Michigan was intended for. I love seeing the true Americana lifestyle come to life here with sail boats, gingham, seer sucker, classic polos, barbecues, beer, friends, family, and lots of beach time. It’s truly a site I wish happened more often. 

Happy Friday and Happy July! Much more to come today! I have a 4th fashion roundup and inspiration and of course the Weekend links. 

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