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So it is finally back! I have missed doing these posts so much and have not had time to even think about doing it while we were traveling. I am not sure if any of you missed them but I know I did mostly because I look forward to the creative outlet of it at the end of every week.

This week has consisted of a lot of late evenings working on projects to get ahead and I am so happy with what I have been creating for my clients this week. I think after being away I have been able to revamp myself creatively. Traveling always does that to me and I love it. 

Next week I will beginning the process of putting up prints for the shop. This seems so surreal like that moment when you are about to walk down the aisle to get married…if you haven’t had that experience maybe on the level of meeting a celebrity. It’s like you have to pinch yourself and make sure this is all really happening. Which I think when I receive stamps, packing envelopes, and everything else things will beginning to feel really real. 

So look for some sneak peaks of the prints next week! I really cannot wait to show you guys and I am slightly nervous as the only people who have seen them are Mike and Katie from The Pink and Blue Blog. So feel very special 🙂
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