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As every Friday here is my Pinterest post. This as you know is my favorite of the week. I love looking back and being inspired all over again by what I have come across during the week. So I always love this little recap. 

Over this time being away and while I have been back in the office I have been thinking about a lot of what I have to do to accomplish certain things that I want to be doing with my life and business. I am realizing I am really just going day to day mostly, which is how I have been for quiet some time mostly because I had no plan and thrived on my no plan plan, but as I am half way through being 24 I am realizing I need to think and plan more. I know I will never accomplish my dreams if I never set a goal or create some sort of end point for the things I want in life. Certain things I have given times to such as when kids are hoped to come into life but things like creating my own line of stationery, making this blog something I can really live into, doing an eco trip to Costa Rica, impacting people’s lives in a way I haven’t before, and some day getting Paris and Europe. How are things going to happen if I never tell myself when I need them to happen or simply make a plan for how they are to happen. 

So that is what this weekend is going to be about for me. To stop living totally in the very present moment and grabbing on to all these big ideas and making them happen for myself because we all can accomplish whatever we want when we set out mind to it. I really believe it because I have seen it happen. 

My Weekend links will pop up tomorrow in the afternoon so check back tomorrow for it. Happy Friday my friends! 

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