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This week I will be honest and tell you I have not kept up the way I should. Because we left on tuesday to fly to Texas I feel like I am behind on my reader and everything that is happening in the internet world. So my pins have been light this week as a result. I hope this Pin Love does not disappoint but I had to do because it is my favorite post of the week. 

I am excited to spend the weekend celebrating Mike’s cousin’s wedding and dancing and drinking in the Texas heat at a winery. It should be so much fun. Tomorrow night we are going to what I have heard is THE best Mexican restaurant in Texas, which means it may be the best in the country possibly. There are going to be mariachi bands and lots of margaritas. There are few things I love more than Mexican food…maybe pomegranate frozen yogurt with mango and graham crackers on top or fresh heirloom tomatoes. Anyways you get the idea. 

I hope you guys have some great plans this weekend! Even if you have a busy weekend make sure to take some time and enjoy the ones you love and laugh hard over a good glass of wine and satisfying meal. That is always good the soul. 

So cheers to a good weekend filled with celebrating love, drinking well, and dancing hard!

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