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This week has been a lot of fun when it comes to the blog, correct me if I am wrong, but having the N.E.E.T. contribution come out and to inspire you guys with everything this week has been even more fun than normal for some reason. I think about when I began this blog and where it is now and it amazes me. I feel very attached to this little blog so when I am deciding on redesign it is kind of hard. I plan to do it but I want to make sure I make all the right decisions and mostly that the design compliments the style I have developed. I love doing this and is something I look forward to everyday!

I have met so many great people from connecting into the internet and I look forward to all the future collaborations I will be able to have with other amazing and creative people. Collaborating is my favorite part of being a creative. The ideas that can happen when two minds come together is an amazing and beautiful thing. Most of all to come out with a new friend and partner in the industry is probably the greatest reward in it all. 

Anyways, in short I really love this blog and you all. So thank you for all the love! It makes me push myself harder to give you great and new content everyday 🙂

More to come with the Weekend Links! By the way it’s Friday so go pour yourself a glass of wine and eat some chocolate even if you still have to work the rest of the day. You will thank me, I promise!

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