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As usual I have been pinning all week long. No matter what a week is like I still make time to do my pinning, mostly because how vital it is for me categorize my ideas and thoughts that I see through out the week. It also is important in staying inspired. 

So even though I felt that I could never get caught up this week with work (and yes I am still behind) I look to pinning as a great outlet to clear my mind and center my thoughts. When I look back on the day of goo pinning I am reminded of my aesthetic as a designer and my own style. It is wonderful and am so thankful I am able to use such a powerful tool. Than you Pinterest!

As you may have noticed Blogger has been down most of the day. I normally do my posts first thing in the morning before I get into work. But today it had to be opposite. I had lots of work anyways so I was not feeling too much rain on my parade today but still this is a little weird to do your day backwards. 

Anyways, I have my links post coming up after this so I will write more about the week there. Happy Friday friends!

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1  |  2  |  3  |  4

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