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This week has gone so fast. I feel like every night I have been trying to just prep myself for the next day of work. If you have kept up with the blog at all this week you will know I was super happy with some design work I am excited to show you guys in a few weeks and that I am currently in Detroit. 

We plan to head back for Easter and celebrate with my parents and friend Grant. It will be grand and wonderful. I plan to eat more chocolate than normal and to eat ham and cinnamon rolls. For some reason that just sounds like a perfect Easter to me. If only daffodils were blooming then it would truly be perfection. Totally jealous of all you warm southerners. 

For this week’s Pin Love it was a little all over the board. As always you can see MUCH more on my Pinterest account and make sure to follow to keep up with what’s inspiring Hitch right now. 

Weekend links up next!

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